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To start my Career...

2008-12-29 16:11:57 by LunArFoX00

Instead of animated awesome flash, I will make a comic with it.
I am making a little comic series of (see picture to the left) saving the interwebs, as a side-comic to.. the project you'll see one day...
So then, All I need to really do is make all the graphics, then making the comic frames into flash will be easy.

This'll be fun!
You guys just wait..
And to fit with the thing that everyone puts pictures here..


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2008-12-29 20:31:14


LunArFoX00 responds:

Oh Hey Half-Life.


2009-02-03 18:53:44

Try doing it on Smack Jeeves, it's a nice place for comic hosting, who knows, mabye I'll fav it.


2009-03-21 12:59:47

sounds cool :)


2009-04-04 06:44:30

So, this is going to be based off seson 3 of Digimon then are something? If so, then I'm all for it! I LOVE Digimon Tamers and Renamon is 1 of my fav Digimon chars! Just make sure to let me know when it's out!